@allstate – Thomas J Wilson – I am contacting you share with you about a claim with which I am very

Lucille Hall sent a message to Thomas J Wilson that said:

I am contacting you share with you about a claim with which I am very unhappy. After a severe wind storm in my area I picked up 55 shingles from my yard. My contractor recommended that I replace the entire roofing due to the color matching of shingles and the extent of damage. When a gentlemen from Allstate came out to see the damage for himself, he decided that my insurance would only pay for the area that was most damaged, leaving half my roof one color and the other half another color because there were only 8 shingles missing in that area.

This is my first claim after at least 50 years of doing business with your company. My agent retired about 5 years ago. I have not yet met my new agent. When I had questions from my conversations with the Claims Department, I contacted my "new" agent's office to speak with him. I left a specific message that I wanted him to call me to discuss these questions. He returned my call and assured me that he would look into the matter and get back with me. He then had the Claims Department (the people with whom I have had trouble) to call me and stated that "Mr. Smith told us to call you." I have not heard from Mr. Smith again.

This is completely unsatisfactory service. My repair will cost is $7350.00 and your Claims Department has determined that they will only pay $3854.70. Surely Allstate can do better than this!

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