@allstate – Thomas Wilson – Dear Mr. Wilson, I am a 76 yearold disabled woman, who was run over by

Georgia Hoirup sent a message to Thomas Wilson that said:

Dear Mr. Wilson,
I am a 76 yearold disabled woman, who was run over by a car in Alberson's parking lot, and while being abused by the driver while ling on the ground, and then he drove off I was hurt pretty bad. Not to bore you but when turned into my insurance which you say "your in good hands with Allstate," I found this wasn't true. My son was selling allstate and talked us into going with your company so we left Pemco a really good insurance for your truly awful one. You didn't care I was hurt and threw me under the bus. I hope your MOM never has to depend on your company if hurt. We will be looking for a new insurance company in a couple of weeks and will be advising many people to stay away from your company. You were being asked to pay me $65,00 but you made a judgement call without even knowing me and decided I was worth a measly amount. Shame on you. My husband was an insurance adjuster and left because of these kind of practices. I just want you to know I forgive you but will never be insured by your company again. I don't even like to look at this picture of you smiling knowing you didn't care how much I was crying. May God forgive you.
Please don't e-mail how you care because you don't. you sent me a message after I asked why you treated me like this and did nothing about it. Please get rid of the motto "your in good hands with all state". It isn't fair for people to believe this when it is a lie. Seniors have enough trouble at the end of their lives without being cheated like your company does.
Georgia Hoirup

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