@allstate – Thomas Wilson – Good afternoon, I'm reaching out to you, due to my recent claim with Allstate. I

Stephen Efkovics sent a message to Thomas Wilson that said:

Good afternoon, I'm reaching out to you, due to my recent claim with Allstate. I have been an Allstate customer for over 10 years. I'm a military veteran and retired police officer. My wife is a nurse and was on her way to work when 2012 Cadillac SRX was rear ended. The other driver claimed being at fault and was also insured by Allstate. Our car was in the body shop for almost 3 weeks and we received a call saying it was ready but that their was an issue with an air bag sensor The manager of the body shop said he was told by the damage assessor that Allstate would not cover the repair to the sensor. The manger at the body shop stated that he thinks it was the result of the accident, however the damage assessor didn't think their was enough evidence. My local Allstate agent disagreed with the Allstate assessor and agreed with the body shop,. After days of my local agent going back and forth , I was called and my local agent said they weren't satisfied with the Allstate assessor's answer at all. My local agent said they would still try to fight this , but I would have to pick my car up today. So my wife car which had no issues at all prior to the accident is being told to pick up her vehicle that has no operating airbag's. I feel this is a complete lack of safety and completely un acceptable in so many ways. If this doesn't get corrected I will pursue every way I can to get it corrected and brought to everyone's attention that I can. My local agent is telling me this is unacceptable but yet I'm suppose to just deal with it. This not how I would think an company whose motto is ''Your In good hands with Allstate'' would conduct themselves, Thank you and I hope to have someone get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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