@allstate – Thomas Wilson – Hello Thomas, I am reaching out to you for a problem with my Allstate Auto

Daniele Linares sent a message to Thomas Wilson that said:

Hello Thomas,
I am reaching out to you for a problem with my Allstate Auto insurance policy. I have been a Allstate customer for 6 years. I pre-pay in full every 6 months.
My Son Alex is 19 currently, he is an MP in the United States Army.
He was over seas for the last year. I called my agent when he left for Korea to ask them the best way to remove him from my policy while he was over seas. I was told I needed to exclude him from my policy. so on the direction of my agent I did so. When he returned December 21st 2018. I called Allstate to get him on his own policy, and was told because he was excluded from my policy for the last year that he fell into a higher category, and much higher rates of insurance, the quote was something like 550.00 a month. I was pretty angry about this as I was only following the direction of my agent.
upon this information my son and I reached out to USAA insurance who was able to take care of him and get his insurance for 150.00 a month.
I then called my agent back and told her to remove my son Alex from my policy and also his 2007 Toyota Tundra from my policy. provided her with my sons new insurance policy to prove that he had his own coverage with USAA and I needed him and his vehicle removed from my policy. this has been going on since Dec 21st 2018. my son is still on my policy and now I am getting notified that Allstate will be taking 1,167.78 out of my bank account 2/1/19. Allstate should owe me money not me owing Allstate. I had already pre-paid for the Toyota Tundra to be on my policy with liability coverage through 3/31/19.
I should be due a refund from Dec 21st - 3-31-19 on that vehicle being removed. today I am being told by Jeff Hearmes agency in Sugarland TX that underwriting keeps rejecting the removal of my son from my policy. I have already provided the proof that he has his own policy with the 2007 Toyota Tundra, I am not understanding why underwriting isn't removing him from my policy.
Steve Toman agency today told me that its an Allstate policy that I must exclude my son from my policy in order to remove him. I know its not a TX state law, so I need clarification on this.
I do not want to Exclude him from my policy, if my son fly's home for a visit and needs to drive my car. He would be excluded from doing so. I have already provided the proof of his own insurance policy with USAA, so I am not understanding why I need to exclude him from my policy.
He doesn't live in my home, he lives where the Army send him. Currently he is in Kansas at Ft Riley, he is stationed to be there for 1-2 years.
I am really needing clarification on this and need this resolved. I used to be with the Sugarland Agent, moved to Steve Toman agent. I have no problem with the ladies there they are all great. The Sugarland agent on the other hand, well the ladies in the office have made a mess out of something that to me seems so incredibly simple.

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