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@allstate – Thomas Wilson – When I was 18 years old, I was in an auto wreck and sustained a

Kristopher Philip Kupka sent a message to Thomas Wilson that said:

When I was 18 years old, I was in an auto wreck and sustained a Closed Head Injury. I was insured with Allstate. After a therapy at the Barnum Center in Birmingham, Michigan, a 6 Month Vocational School, a job at a Surveying Firm, and time in a transitional living program for people with Head Injuries, my Allstate agent, Jan Manella, set me up with access to an apartment in the Riverside Apartment community in Clinton Township, Michigan. There were some things that transpired between me, the program director of "Interdependence"(the transitional living program), and Allstate that led Jan M. and Allstate to set me up with an apartment in the Riverside apartment community, FOR LIFE. There is a guy named Ray Kupka who has taken advantage of me all of my life. I think he graduated from the same high school as you. I am Kristopher Kupka. Without remembering who Ray was, due to my head injury, maybe, I contacted Ray to let him know what Allstate was doing for me. It would have been my first apartment and I was excited. Ray wanted it, and he got it. He lived in apartment #103 in Riverside Apartments, Clinton Township, Mighigan, for a length of time I am unaware of. When I began to remember him for who he was, I distanced myself and removed myself from his place. I was 18 when that happened. One reason It was so easy for Ray to do that to me, as it was, is because Jan Manilla lived life as a man dressed like a woman. I thought Jan was pretty. When my therapy at Interdependence was over, I called Jan and asked Jan on a date. That's when I found out that She was really a He. Jan and Ray are both Sadists. Ray is part of the Occult. They are both bad people. Today I am 50 years old. After my accident in '88, I chose to live in Royal Oak, Michigan. I rented a room for about $70/mo. from Tamko Properties, on and off, for about a decade. I got married in 2000(ish) and began to rent a Sterling Heights apartment with my wife. We were there until 2014, which is the year I got evicted from Balmoral Apartments. I am homeless, again. I've been homeless a few times since the accident. I am wondering if an apartment in Clinton Township, Michigan might be an option for me today. My "spot" is at the intersection of 15 mile road and the train tracks just West of VanDyke in Sterling Heights, Michigan. In the SouthEast corner of that intersection in a cluster of bush and trees under a couple wood planks that I picked up from the ground in the area. I've been trying to contact Allstate without any luck. Can you please contact Corporate Allstate with my story and see if they can do anything for me. I am Kristopher Philip Kupka, Social Security Numbers 381-78-2212. My Allstate Agents were Carol Rinse and Jan Manilla ? Mainella. My wife's name is Janel Ann Seery. She rents a room in Roseville. Please Help Me. I sent this note out to an agent named Isaac.

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