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Dear Mr. Brown,
I am writing to you this morning to let you know about my experience with Ally. 4 years ago my husband and I purchased a Chevy truck, and financed through Ally. I had always heard great things about the company, so I was excited to use you for our finance needs. Life was great! We were both working and living the "good life". Then Covid hit and my husband lost his job. With unemployment we were able to keep up with our payments and if we were late, Ally was always willing to work with us. My husband decided with all the unknowns of Covid, to start his own business. He is now a butcher and commercial fisherman, which is great for our area, but getting started has taken some time, and we got behind on the truck payment, so we decided to surrender it, since my income doesn't pay all the bills and the truck was our biggest payment. Ally has been great through all of this. I even thanked the man I spoke to yesterday, for being a good company and helping us along the way. I surrendered the truck yesterday. The gentleman who is coming to get it, advised my husband he wouldn't be able to come and get it until Saturday or Sunday. Then I get a call this morning from a man @ Ally, who asked if we had surrendered the truck yesterday. I advised him, that it was to be picked up on Saturday or Sunday, per the conversation my husband had with Hogan James, the recovery man. He then called me a liar, said that was not the case and told me he didn't want to have to take legal action against me. This, of course, infuriated me, because we have been forth coming and compliant with Ally up to this point. I advised the man, that the truck was not at my home but they could pick it up @ 6 o'clock tonight. He continued to threaten me with legal action, so I hung up on him. I will no longer answer calls from Ally because of the treatment, from this one man. The last year and a half has been a struggle for my family, as it has been for many across the globe. But God has my family, and everything will be ok. I hope you have a blessed day.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Misty Holland

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