@allyfinancial – Jeffrey Brown – Mr. Brown, I am reaching out to you directly because I have received the WORST

Jodi Lavery sent a message to Jeffrey Brown that said:

Mr. Brown,
I am reaching out to you directly because I have received the WORST customer service I have ever received. I am a good customer and make our payments on time. I have been left on hold for 20+ minutes then hung up on multiple times, lied to, did not receive call back from a "Supervisor" who promised she would return my call. I have had to repeat myself several times to the same person. Then told that they called me to give me update; when in fact it was me who called to follow up on why "Joy" did not return my call with update as promised. I was argued with that no one in your company can tell me why an extension was not approved. Sir, I am in the financial industry and I am well aware of the guidelines for keeping records. Not to mention that "Joy" said that she was emailing a specific department to explain my situation which is more than just the "1 reason" that your system allows. So my questions is Why can't the 1st person I talked to today be able to give me an answer that my 2nd request was denied for a 1 month extension and told me that my 2 month extension was denied. I already knew that and that was where Joy came in, so did Joy not do what she said she would do? Then I asked to speak to manager and he didn't want to transfer me. I spoke with Rachel next who was of absolutely no help and insisted that your notes in the system are gospel even though I can print screen my call list to show who called who. Then I requested another manager who said she is Rachel's manager and didn't give her name, but sounded just like Rachel. She was even worse and when I asked her to reach out to person who made the decision all I got was wait 7-10 days for your letter that this is not possible. I have been through hell and back these last couple of months and I have had this loan for years...we only have like another year to pay on it. I cannot fathom when I make my payments on time every other month that I can't get even a 1 month extension and cannot even get a reason or anyone who will say anything but what is written on their script. I am now speaking to Rachel's managers - manager "Jinny" who I waited on hold for while he was in a meeting for well over 20 minutes at my request to get this resolved. I was actually quite by accident I assure you got the name of the manager I was speaking to previously which is Sherry. Again, all I got was excuses and script reading...he lied to me several times and when I questioned him about it he said he does not have to divulge technicalities to me. Really??? You just told me something can't be done and now you are saying you are going to put in a request and get back to me. How can you do that when you told me a few minutes ago that there is no way to over-ride the system, now you can submit a request? To Who? You said there was no one that could over-ride. And then told me he knew why I was asking for extension and when I asked him what the reasons were - he tried to back peddle then said I don't know. So how can you accurately relay information of an extenuating circumstance if you don't know what they are. I am so overwhelmed and upset right now at the treatment received and lack of care or even treatment as a person. Not one of them could talk to me like a person and all they did was read the script over and over.

Thank you for time, I am praying that you have more integrity than your customer service team and actually respond to this email and help me get the answer so I can understand even a little why I cannot be granted a 1 month extension.

Thank you!

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