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Aloha Mr. Nassetta, My name is Sara Ohashi and I am the daughter of – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Sara Ohashi sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta - President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide - Email Address that said:

Aloha Mr. Nassetta,
My name is Sara Ohashi and I am the daughter of long time Hilton Hawaiian Village Vacations Counselor, Lorrie Carr Ohashi. My mother has been working as a Japanese speaking (white girl) for Hilton going on 13 years now.
She has been through the companys buy out with Blackstone and many slow sales seasons. And yet she is still going strong, more often than not being one of the top sales people on a consistent basis.

How does she do it? I personally feel that Blackstone could use a woman like my mother to teach vacations counselors world wide how to last in this business. I believe a salary of 200 thousand a year having her travel to various Hiltons to motivate the teams would be immensely beneficial for Blackston. her position has incredibly high turn over and yet she has figured out a way to stay! She is an excellent teacher and a shining star in her field. I dont think she receives enough credit for her talents. All of her children are grown so Ill be fine if you need her abroad. And of course being a time share owner herself, she loves to travel.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Sara Ohashi
Honolulu, Hawaii
Cell phone: 808-220-3314

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