@AmericanExpress – Kenneth Chenault – I am angered that your fraud department won't finish sending me information regarding a person

Annette Droumbakis sent a message to Kenneth Chenault that said:

I am angered that your fraud department won't finish sending me information regarding a person that illegally used a credit card that belongs to myself and my father. I am listed as the account manager of my father's American Express card and I have been calling American Express repeatedly complaining as to why bills suddenly stopped being mailed to our home address and I kept pushing your employees to ADMIT what they knew. I was persistent in having American Express statements mailed to my father and myself, and I found a suspicious name listed of somebody ILLEGALLY using the credit card, someone neither myself or my father knows but we do have another family member living with us, my older sister.
I investigated the suspicious name and I have reason to believe my older sister was in cahoots with this suspicious person's name I found. I had an argument with my older sister last night and I blurted out that I now know what her and her friend did. It's IMPERATIVE that American Express give to me and my father COPIES OF EVERYTHING about the ILLEGAL ACTIVITY that this suspicious person did, a person I believe knows my older sister. I have Identification numbers of two AMERICAN EXPRESS representatives who revealed VIVID DETAILS of the person who did the illegal activity. I want COPIES OF WHAT THAT PERSON DID. My safety is now in jeopardy after a very loud argument I had with my older sister and she will tell her friend that I now know about what THEY DID. I researched this suspicious person and she's been arrested before. Mr. Squeri, you will be held responsible if anything happens to me because you didn't help me when I said my safety was in danger. The argument I had with my older sister was indicative of her ready to rally her criminal friends at me and I believe there is more than one involved. The suspicious name listed on the American Express statement PROVES ILLEGAL ACTIVITY and I was disgusted at the extent of what she did as revealed by your American Express representatives. I have their Identification numbers and in my opinion they are GOOD SAMARITANS protecting me, so don't be mad at them for helping me revealing what they found. Another thing, please DO NOT even think of destroying evidence of what my older sister's criminal friend did, or you will be putting my life in danger, and what's on that American Express statement EXPOSES and REVEALS criminal activity, and that information gave me a way to follow a trail to catch a criminal, but if YOU, Mr.Stephen Squeri, do not cooperate you are then putting me in harm's way. Contact me please as soon as possible.

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