@AmericanExpress – Kenneth Chenault – Mr. Squeri, I have been an American Express Serve card holder for well over five

Kirk Bramlett sent a message to Kenneth Chenault that said:

Mr. Squeri,

I have been an American Express Serve card holder for well over five years. For the most part I have never had any problems until recently. Allow me to explain my present problem. On Thursday November 19, 2020 I returned a car battery to Auto Zone and I should have received a refund in the amount of $207.20 On average refunds post to my account within three days. As of November 25, 2020, which is the day of my writing this email, has yet to hard post to my account. When I called to find out why the refund has not posted all they could tell me is that they have not received the money back from the merchant. To me that makes no since. Nobody in the Philippines call center was willing to assist me. In fact it was more like blatant refusal. Especially Diana, Agent number 2057343, a member of the Escalations Dept. You would think that she would be willing to work with me because of my long term card holder status. But no. I could tell via her tone of voice that she was determined not to assist me. I explained to her that I depend on my all funds to make ends meet each month. Again, Diana simply did not care. I have never been treated with such disrespect and lack of care by any agent of the Serve team. I am sure that you can appreciate the fact that I depend on all of my funds to make ends meet every month. And with the $207.20 being in limbo for a week now, I am unable to pay some of my creditors on time which can result in late fees, penalties, and possibly cancellation of services. I am asking for your assistance since the Customer Service departments were going out of their way not to help me. Thank you.

Kirk Bramlett

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