@AmericanExpress – Kenneth Chenault – Mr. Squeri I have been a loyal customer of American Express since 1983. It has

Ivye L. Allen sent a message to Kenneth Chenault that said:

Mr. Squeri
I have been a loyal customer of American Express since 1983. It has and continues to serve as my primary credit card. I am writing to request your assistance regarding having to be issued a new card number, which I find very inconvenient and unnecessary. I would like to retain my current card number. The card is used widely by me and I do not want a changed number. Because of a query on a $20 charge that I did not recognize, the customer service rep indicated my card needed to be changed. I have never had to change my card number based on a query and would hope that is not the ongoing practice. I have been issued a new card which has not been activated because I want to maintain my current number. Please assist me in working with your team to correct this action. That card number is on file with too many of my accounts to change for a simple inquiry. Also, customer service managers perhaps need a little training in response to a complaint/concern. To tell a customer, they should have considered not making a call about the inquiry is rather disturbing. This is what was said to me when I called back to indicate that I did not want the change. Listen to the tape. I look forward to hearing from you or someone in leadership to assist in me retaining the card number that I have held since 1983. The card number 371727403412009. Any assistance that you can provide will be appreciate. I simply want to keep that card number. Thank You! Ivye L. Allen

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