@Ameriprise – James Cracchiolo – Hi Jim, I had spoken with Connie earlier, and although I wasn?t able to provide

Skyla sent a message to James Cracchiolo that said:

Hi Jim,

I had spoken with Connie earlier, and although I wasn’t able to provide her with any information in regards to what HealthView does as a company due to the line disconnecting abruptly, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

Assuming that you’re not familiar with us, we’re the folks that do all of the individualized healthcare cost projection tools in financial services. Our tools and data project individualized healthcare costs using over 500 million pieces of actuarial claims data and proprietary algorithms. We can highlight the unfunded gap and suggest a funding solution to help individuals properly plan for retirement.

My director asked for me to reach out to you directly because he would like to show you how we’ve helped several of your competitors, such as Empower and Nationwide, use healthcare costs to increase contributions, product sales, and AUM. During the web meeting, we would also show you some live examples of tools that we’ve designed for the industry as well as discuss HealthView as a company.

I understand that before the call ended with Connie she told me that this would not be something that you would be interested in, but if you find some time in your schedule, or know someone who is interested please feel free to reach back out.


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