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Hello Mr. Salzwedel. My name is Kristi and I have been an AmFam customer for 25+ years. My son was recently in a car accident where he was hit by another car. The other driver did admit fault, unfortunately, the state trooper had collected all information and had told my son to not worry about anything. We did not realize that the driver information and insurance information would take up to 10 days to be submitted to each driver This accident took place on Friday, September 7th. I contacted my insurance agent, Mark Johnson in Hibbing, MN, immediately that Monday morning. At that time, they said I needed to wait to turn it into the other driver's insurance since he was at fault. The accident report is only available for a $5 fee via email or in person (we do not have a state trooper near by to obtain the report). Basically what I am saying is, I had to make all the contact to different departments (state trooper department, other parties insurance 10 days after the accident once I had the other driver's information, etc). The only answer I got was that, unfortunately this stuff takes time! Now mind you, I pay a hefty amount to have my children insured to only be left with no help and to be left up in the air for my son to get back and forth to college and work. We are committed customers with a minor prior claim years ago. We did talk to someone higher up at Mark Johnson's office and he was suppose to check into things but never got back to us. I have had to arrange my work schedule to drive 50 miles round trip 2x daily in order to run my son to work/college. When talking to others, they state that my insurance company should be taking care of us and then going after the other driver's insurance once it is determined he is at fault. I have not had any help in our situation, which saddens me knowing the cost of insurance I pay monthly for each of my premiums (well over $750 monthly). There is no communication. A claim was opened up on Wednesday, September 12th and I am told (by the tow truck driver) that our insurance agent just stop to look at the car this past Friday, September 21st.
I hope this does not happen to anyone else! An accident in itself is upsetting and now to deal with no assistance from the ones you pay to assist in this type of situation. Very disappointing.

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