@AmFamJack – Jack Salzwedel – Hello Mr. Salzwedel I am writing in regards to claim number 260250 2017 Infiniti QX70

Jessica Lofton sent a message to Jack Salzwedel that said:

Hello Mr. Salzwedel

I am writing in regards to

claim number 260250 2017 Infiniti QX70

Team 1.

The accident occurred 8/19/2020. It has

now been over a month and I have concerns on the good faith standards of the

agency for a few reasons.

A few are as follows:

1. I have never received a call

after my claim was submitted to request any of the "missing information".

I only find out what else is needed by calling and it is something different

each and every time.

2. It is very difficult to reach you

all as well. The entire week last week I got the voicemail and when i left

messages i was never called back not once this entire time.

3. Also the reps mentioned there

would be no movement on the claim without the police report. I asked them how i

could get it they said the only way is by mail, which isn’t true at all. I

would think they would know that is not the case. The used COVID as an excuse.

I myself requested it online and received it in 1(one) day. They actually told

me unfortunately they had no idea why it was taking so long.

4. The last conversation I had with

my adjuster Shanice, she was asking me questions that implied I hadn’t been

honest about previous claims/accidents before during the last recording. She

ask “did I disclose previous accidents when starting a policy". I

responded by saying " Isn’t that why my rate was what it was because I provided

my SSN and my history comes up"? She did not have a solid response. By the

way she was referring to a previous accident on my Allstate policy where a snow

plow must have hit my car and kept going, I was not at fault and was not in the

vehicle at the time. She then tried to double back on the question again

implying i hadn’t mentioned that when i started my policy with you all.

4. The lack of transparency and

compassion to me as a customer is seemingly nonexistent. It seems each person i

speak to wants to find a reason not to get this process moving.

5. Lastly, September 23rd, I reached out to Shanise to inform her that I have received an email with the requested crash report (which again, I was told the only way retrieve a crash report is by mail only) to finalize the claim but was then told I had to wait until my policy was rerated due to the fact they did not have an accident in the system from 2018 where I was non fault, because of an agent not doing THIER job. I was furious about this, while asking Shanise for clarity and she hung up on me. Very unprofessional and I ask that her job integrity is also invested. I would like the phone call she has that shows I did not disclose that information.

I plan on contacting the States department of Insurance, the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General and who ever else that has power that needs to know about this.

The purpose of insurance is to be

covered, secured and protected in all cases not to feel attacked when a situation

happened to you as a customer and the not at fault party. Please I request that

these matters be investigated ASAP as I have submitted all info necessary. Even

my account number to Capital One where I am financing the vehicle.

Jessica Lofton


Thank you.

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