@Amgen – Robert Bradway – Having been a part of Boeing corporate structure for years (where I note you are

barry solem sent a message to Robert Bradway that said:

Having been a part of Boeing corporate structure for years (where I note you are connected as well) I know how frequently lower levels protect the CEO from details and customer complaints so I am sending this directly to you. After taking Repatha for more than 3 years I received a pen in the last batch that did not eject. I first called Accredo (3 times) then called Amgen 2+ weeks ago at their suggestion. When they did not call back as promised I called back one week ago and listened to you recording 30 times (45 min because you have chosen to minimize your staff cost at the customers expense) reporting how important customers are to you. When you finally answered the gentleman promised to look into this personally. Because my next shot is Dec 16th and out of cartridges on hand I called Accredo, was passed me of 3 times and because this was a manufacturing issue they transferred me to one of your agents (Repatha Ready? who apparently had no authority either so they forwarded the call back to Amgen - who advised they were waiting for the approval of my doctor to replace the mis-manufactured product. Can you imagine anything so ridiculous? I have now wasted 4 or 5 hours on this and am now so upset with Amgen that my next step (unless I get this by Sunday) is to contact my 2 US Senators, the Wall Street Journal and other business journals to warn customers and investors about Amgen, who apparently don't care about your customers, whose policy is to duck responsibility for manufacturing problems, hides behind barriers and excused and hacause you obviously have not given you customer reps the authority to solve simple problems on a $600 injection device that probably cost a couple dollars to produce.

Second thought, wouldn't this make a great case study at Harvard (you school) or Wharton (mine). I know they would know what to do.

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