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Dear Mr. Boardman,

My name is Robert Birkland. My family and I rode the auto train when coming back from vacation. It is going to be our last family vacation since our oldest son is leaving for the Air Force in October. My wife and I have not taken the train in some time. But we wanted to spend more time relax and enjoying our vacation. I called the amtrak number and made a reservation that day. We were very excited. When I was at Amtrak in Sanford, Fl I was paying for the tickets. I asked about the dome car. I remember how much my wife and I enjoyed it. I was told that the train still has the car and it should be on the train. We boarded the train and during the safety briefing I asked where is the dome car. The Amtrak staff giving the briefing told us that it is past the sleeper cars. When the briefing was done my wife and I went to see our favorite part of the train, When we got to the dome car we loved it and started back to have our kids join us. We were stopped by an Amtrak staff he told us that he is the conductor Tony (Milanoz Sorry I don't have the correct spelling of his last name it sounds Italian. He disembarked the train before reaching Lorton Va.) Mr. Tony told us in such a loud voice that everyone in the train cart was looking at us "DON'T PASS THIS LINE" I tried to explain to him I was told by staff where the cart was and I am sorry if I went where I was not suppose to be. He aging yelled "DON'T PASS THIS LINE! I AM THE CONDUCTOR" We were humiliated and felt so uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. We couldn't wait until the trip was over. I reported it to other staff good to say they were very hospitable which greatly made our last family vacation memorable.

I know you are busy and I thank you for taking the time for reading my letter. I wish Mr. Tony was a little more hospitable.


Robert Birkland
RES# 92CEB4-230818

TKT# 2350558034556

Aug 23, 2018

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