@amtrak – Joseph Boardman – December 9, 2018 Mr. Joseph H. Boardman CEO, Amtrak Dear Mr. Boardman: I scheduled the

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December 9, 2018
Mr. Joseph H. Boardman
CEO, Amtrak

Dear Mr. Boardman:
I scheduled the trip of a lifetime for my daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and myself, which began on November 16, 2018, on Train #30 leaving from Chicago Union Station heading to Washington, DC. I was scheduled to transfer to Train #91 in Washington, DC going to Kissimmee, FL. However, I was forced to switch to Train #97 due to the Chicago training running six hours behind schedule. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and courteous until I arrived at the Kissimmee, FL station. I walk with a cane and was one of the first passengers off the train at the station. I quickly encountered an extremely rude Red Cap named Lariza and asked if she could please take me to the parking lot at which time she shouted, “no.” I then asked if she could move her electric cart approximately a foot or so as she was blocking the exit for passengers and she again replied, “no.” I asked again and she conceded to move just a few inches (approximately 3 inches) after which I gave up on the conversation and began walking through a grassy area with my two pieces of luggage. It was during this time that I fell backwards and bruised my arms and legs and injured my knee. After laying on the ground for a few minutes, a very kind gentleman assisted me up. Lariza was in viewing distance of the entire incident and took no action to assist me. I was able to manage my way to the parking lot to meet my scheduled cab, but ended up needing bandages and wheelchair assistance upon arrival at my hotel in Orlando. I further needed a wheelchair during the remainder of my family vacation aboard a Disney cruise and at the Disney parks.
My requests of Lariza were very reasonable and asked in a respectful manner. I am very offended by not only the rude attitude and lack of customer service I received in return by a member of your company who serves the public as her job, but also by the lack of respect and caring for other human beings who require assistance. It is my recommendation that you consider removing Lariza from employment with Amtrak. If you are unwilling to consider this action, at I minimum I would suggest redirecting Lariza to a position that does not require any form of contact with customers.
Should you have any questions or require my reservation number, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dennis Minsky

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