@apple – Tim Cook – Dear Mr. Cook hello my name is sterling kurtz I am a mennonite (anabaptist) missionary

Sterling Kurtz sent a message to Tim Cook that said:

Dear Mr. Cook
hello my name is sterling kurtz I am a mennonite (anabaptist) missionary from kenya, and I came up with an idea that I would like to do to help ou my other fellow anabaptists in the world whose churches say that they are not allowed to have smartphones because the churches they are with have disallowed internet, cameras, email, etc... so what I would like to do is work with apple and design a set of phones that can be used by anabaptists. currently their are 4 million anabaptists in the world. So the name of this phone could be iphone plain, because anabaptists are called plain people. so basically these would be phones like ok the iphone plain r, which would be the basic one with no cameras or internet because some of our churches do not allow cameras or email... and the iphone plain would have no cameras and email would be allowed because the church would allow email, but no other internet... and the iphone plain s would have email and cameras, but nothing else... and the last one iphone plain s max would be allowed anything a normal smartphone would have... another thing is that I would like all of these smartphones to have the bible app preinstalled if you would want that as an option... the screens could be mediumm sized and they would look like normal smartphones... so please respond to me if you think there would be a market for this, and even if you dont think there is, could you please still respond... thanks a lot for reading, thanks sterling kurtz

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