@apple – Tim Cook – Paul G. Black 4416 W. Jeremy Woods Drive Park City, Utah 84098 April 4, 2020

Paul Black sent a message to Tim Cook that said:

Paul G. Black
4416 W. Jeremy Woods Drive
Park City, Utah 84098

April 4, 2020

Tim Cook
Executive Office

Case Number: Apple case 101041539493

What started as a simple matter of poor support encounter that resulted in the tech apologizing for messing my MacBook up…and making me a NO CHARGE appointment at a Simply Mac store that she choose because it was the closest to me which resulted in them fixing the issue while I waited and then having to charge me 110.00 even though I was promised NO CHARGE ( pull up recording)

I guess simply mac has a hard time getting paid from Apple!

Well, now its 4 weeks of a series of 9 calls..14 transfers, 3 Senior advisors, 4 Regular support people and a Customer relations agent,, I was hung up on 3 times and a total of 9 hours invested in APPLE OWING ME MONEY!

As a career CEO, I am embarrassed for you as the CEO. And myself as a nice sized Apple Shareholder.

If I were to add up my time due to the inefficiency of Apple to resolve an admitted error(s) you would owe me many thousands of dollars at a CEO’s salary.

Instead, I have come up with a very fair plan….

For every call I had to have to resolve this “owed money to me” problem…without a resolution.
Talk about making a simple Apple screwed up case into a Mountain of a problem…

As the case sits now.. They have offered me 300.00 worth of Accessories. I do not need accessories.

I have said.. I can use an updated iphone like an Iphone 10X. apply the 300.00 to this from your refurbished store and I will pay the difference…They said Can Not Do.

Ok, send me a gift card to use towards apple products…. NO Can Do.

Ok.. Send me a check? No can Do.

This is crazy. Please have someone from shareholder services.. or customer service VP level give me a call or email to resolve this. Clearly.. hours and weeks of calling senior advisors cannot accomplish this tiny issue that leaves me out money and a huge amount of time and frustration.

Paul G Black
Apple case 101041539493

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