As an infrequent user of Ryanair I\'d like express my appreciation for what you amp – Michael OLeary email address

martin o rourke sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

As an infrequent user of Ryanair Id like express my appreciation for what you your company have created for the benefit of millions of ordinary people.
Notwithstanding the nderstandable genuine complaints of a tiny fraction of your customers,its fair to say that there is an undue bias propagated by the elites in the media political world who gleefully seek anything that seeks to discredit Ryanair.
Before Ryanair existed,these same elites travelled the world using public money such as TV licence taxes on expense accounts with BA Aer Lingus who ripped the wallets of the poorer citizens who according to Kevin Myers,about 10years ago(in todays values indexed,youd be charged 1600 Euros to fly from Dublin to Birmingham.
Joe Duffy lives off the fat of my compulsory TV licence tax your massive income taxes HE,needs to remember that when he speaks of manners.
Michael,you are a true Irish patriot in action.

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