As part of the “deal of the day” promotion, I ordered the sale it.. – Antonio Urcelay email address

Anne sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. that said:

As part of the "deal of the day" promotion, I ordered the sale item as well as other items to meet the "free shipping" requirement. Two days later I was told the discounted item I ordered was not available for shipping, even though it shows as still available on the site. I contacted customer service who applied the $7.50 discount but then told me I had to pay $7.99 shipping. I asked to speak with a manager since nowhere in the policy does it state otherwise. I was disconnected. I called back and after speaking with another customer service representative, Tamela, I was hung up on again. Is it your policy to offer sale items then not honor that offer? Why is the item I ordered still showing as available yet I can't seem to get it at the discount offered? is it your policy to have customer service representatives disconnect calls in order to not deal with the complaint? I am currently on hold for the third time today, which is the required number of times for the BBB to investigate and not ask that I attempt to resolve the issue myself.  Anne Marie

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