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@askBBT – Kelly King – Hello, My name if Marsha Fields. I am a long time customer of B,B

Marsha Fields sent a message to Kelly King that said:

Hello, My name if Marsha Fields. I am a long time customer of B,B, and T Bank in Dahlonega, Georgia. I have always been a good customer. I have several accounts. Here is my sad tale: In April I sent a check to the Internal Revenue for $3204. The first month that I got my statement the check wasn't on it. No problem, but the other day when my new statement arrived, the check wasn't on it. Knowing that the United States Internal Revenue Service would probably want the money as quickly as possible, I was shocked and a little concerned that maybe it had been lost in the mail or such. So, I called the bank. I inquired about the check and they said the check had come back on April 28. Well, what happened??? They suggested that I look back at my past couple of statements to see if I had missed seeing it. I did that , but nothing showed up. I called the bank again that day, but had to leave a message. The next morning, I hadn't heard back, so I called again. I explained that I had not found the information on any statement. So, they checked again. This time the answer was quite different, the check had been sent back to the bank on April 28, but since I hadn't made a withdrawal from that account in over a year,the bank just sent back my check to the IRS. Now, it is July 14 and I owe The IRS $3204 and it is due the next day. Now, I understand rules, but how about common sense or kindness. So, I get on the phone and call the IRS, and I hope you can imagine the wait time to speak to a real person on the phone to IRS the day before taxes are due. I finally did get someone nice person,(thank you, Lord) I was able to pay the money on-line with the same account. (Which had been freed up to be used.) I was one day away from being past due on paying my taxes and haven't all sorts of fees added to my bill. Thank you for your time.

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