@askBBT – Kelly King – Hello. This is my 2nd email today. I have been on the phone for almost

lisa peatross sent a message to Kelly King that said:

Hello. This is my 2nd email today. I have been on the phone for almost 2 hours now. This company makes too much money to not be able to assist escalated calls better. This is a total outrage! I have been transferred 3 different times, and the hold time to escalate issues is beyond unprofessional! I am being told that they have no idea why my card was cancelled, which is absolutely unacceptable. I had a flight to book, and there was only 1 left. Unfortunately the issue with my card being declined, and having to wait on the phone so extensively has caused me to loose that 1 flight. I also now have to contact all of the companies I have auto draft with, to update a new card; THIS IS BEYOND INCONVENIENT!!!!!!!!!!
Your company needs to compensate me for my time, and this inconvenience. This should NEVER have happened!!!!!
I am livid right now!
I also attempted calling your corporate office number, which is totally bogus. This number should be available to assist issues of this sort, instead there is an annoying repetitive automatic system that gives the same options as the regular bank phone #.
As the CEO, I would expect more consideration be given to customers. The extreme wait time, no assistance from the corporate number online, the issue that I'm presently dealing with that no one seems to understand what happened. All of this is totally unacceptable!!!!!!!!
I look forward to hearing from someone ASAP. My phone number is linked to my bank account. I 'm looking for a call!

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