@askBBT – Kelly King – I will be removing both my savings and checking account from Truist. I am unsatisfied

Dr. Annette Perschke sent a message to Kelly King that said:

I will be removing both my savings and checking account from Truist. I am unsatisfied with the recent transition from BB&T to Truist for the following reasons1: I am unable to contact Truist Customer Support either by sending an email message or by live chat as these are not options offered. 2. I was on HOLD waiting for a CS rep today for almost 20min with no one picking up to assist3. There is no option for a customer to enter a call-back # to have a Truist CS Rep call them back4. Finding my INBOX on the Truist site is illogical/user-unfriendly. Inbox is located under HELP5. There is ONLY INBOX service, no outgoing email functionality exists6. I am unable to see a DEPOSIT I made today via mobile app on my acct page when logged in on PC7. For some reason, when depositing via mobile app, the customer must write for TRUIST MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY below the signature.  There is a warning message that Truist is not responsible for mis-directed deposits.   I did not have to write this info when I deposited with BB&T. If the reason for the customer having to do this is because of the merger between SUNTrust Bank and BB&T then Truist needs to get their act together and not require the customer to hand-write deposit instructions on the back of the check.  Additionally Truist is not taking any accountability for a 2nd rate depositing workflow, they simply put the responsibility back on the customer. 
I have been satisfied with my BB&T banking experience.  I am disappointed, frustrated and angry to have spent my time and effort today making up for Truist sub-standard customer service. I will be taking my accounts elsewhere. 
Annette Perschke 

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