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Captain Keith Blandford sent a message to Kelly King that said:

Mr. King:

My name is Keith Blandford. Years ago I was asked by my father to cosign a document for a project that he was working on for BB&T. After the financial collapse of 2008, when BB&T received the bail out in the form of the troubled asset relief program, my father contracted pancreatic cancer. I was not working with him full-time. But I tried to help him complete the project that he was on, but he passed away. In fact, BB&T evicted my father with one week left to live. BB&T’s behavior throughout this was reprehensible. BB&T told my father when he was very ill to give all that he could and they would keep the lawyers out; when he did, they served him the next day. That was the money that he needed to pay for cancer treatment. This happened 10 years ago. When BB&T went to court against my father, I stood for him and watch the judge award a judgment to BB&T even though my father had only a few months to live. There are even more terrible things to relate, but I don’t see the point. It has been clear that BB&T does not care about us and money is the only factor, not regular people.

While I buried my father, BB&T turned its attention to me and my family. For 10 years they have hunted us, harassed us and limited what we can and cannot do with our lives. Currently I am serving in the South Carolina Guard, and have been deployed for the Covid pandemic. Even now 10 years later, BB&T is still pursuing us in supplemental proceedings and attempting to seize my wife’s assets. My wife is an independently licensed woman, and incredible entrepreneur, she has her masters degree in hotels and tourism and is completely independent. I have worked to improve our community by running for Congress and by serving our country through the Navy and the Guard.

BB&T’s counsel has been like Jackals and they have attempted to destroy the serenity of our home in an effort to make us settle for something that we do not believe that we should pay. There will be no victory here, if any it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Ultimately BB&T would receive no money, but in the process BB&T would destroy a strong American family with two children, loving parents who serve their community and country.

I have been unable to contact anyone of consequence with BB&T. I have been left to deal with the jackals and they have stonewalled me from making an. appeal to anyone of consequence. Candidly, I find this extremely cowardice. I know that counsel would not advise me to send any information to you as BB&T has a reputation for being vindictive. However, as I am currently deployed. BB&T is hassling my wife who is running her companies and taking care of two small children during a pandemic. They have successfully forced her into a deposition, where they will cherry pick phrases from her deposition in an attempt to show the judge that she is not actually capable of running the company and that I own it, which is Unequivocally false. I am not even there.

Although I doubt this email will reach anyone a consequence, and knowing BB&T it will most likely be used against me; I must try. I am begging you man to man, please stop this farce. Please drop this case and leave my family alone. My father died 10 years ago and if it is your aim to get your pound of flesh from us, you have done so. Please leave us alone. Please call off your jackals and let us go free.


Captain Keith W. Blandford

North Charleston, SC
Former candidate for US District One in SC
Advisor to US district one in Austrian Economics

Olga Blandford

Luke & Eva Blandford

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