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@askBBT – Kelly King – Need your help getting this matter cleared up: Letter sent today Sep 23: BB &

David S Hedrick sent a message to Kelly King that said:

Need your help getting this matter cleared up: Letter sent today Sep 23:

BB & T
PO Box 30495
Tampa, FL 33630-3495

To unknown person hiding behind anonymity of unsigned form letter:

What hypocrisy! “Dear Valued Client:” IF you folks truly valued me as a client you would have addressed this serious matter weeks ago! $25 was stolen from my bank account, and you folks are ignoring my complaint. You have these crooked people sending in an UNAUTHORIZED, UNSIGNED charge to my account and you folks are ignoring letters

The level of incompetency in the handling of this matter is astounding! A fraud has been perpetrated against me and my bank is dithering around and sending form letters without even bothering to READ and COMPREHENDING what I have written!

Just today, I got another form letter stating basically the same darned words from your Aug 8th form letter. This is the fourth time I have mailed the EXACT SAME DOCUMENTATION!!!!
I wish this “unknown” individual would forward my letters to someone that can read and comprehend plain English!

I solemnly affirm before God, Angels and any Court in the world that we did NOT damage anything at this KOA and that this charge is a fraud!

Enclosed is still ANOTHER set of copies relating to this matter.
my letter of Sep 15th, 2020:

BB & T BB & T - Office of the President
PO Box 30495 PO Box 1847
Tampa, FL 33630-3495 Wilson, NC 27894


When someone decides to go with a bank, they are putting their trust in the integrity of the bank and it’s employees to handle their money and their private information properly.

That leads me to the purpose of my letter. I have challenged this fraudulent charge since early August and here it is mid-September. I checked my account this morning and the charge is still on my account! An unauthorized fraudulent charge was made to my BBT Visa. I have sent detailed info about this TWICE. I want that charged reversed.

The management at the KOA are thieves ... they stole $25.00 from my bank account!

Enclosed is ANOTHER set of copies of correspondence detailing this fraud. I am surprised that BB & T has not been more concerned since I have documentation that the KOA involved sent intentionally erroneous info to you folks. The woman admitted that the phone number they submitted with the charge was a “dummy” number. They admitted they are crooks!!!

I absolutely hate thieves and liars! I trust that this matter will be resolved immediately and that we will be made whole.
Ltr send Sep 1st:
PO Box 30495
Tampa, FL 33630-3495

To Whomever Sent the attached letter:

I really hate “form letters”. It is obvious from reading your letter about providing more information that you did NOT read all of the documentation that I forwarded with the original dispute!

- “Please state the specific reason for the return”:
Had nothing to do with an order or a return! It had to do with a false claim and charge that the crooks at the KOA made.
- “A copy of the merchant’s invoice”:
Attached is a copy of their charge days after we left!
- “Card Regulations require you attempt to resolve your dispute with the merchant- provide our office a summary of the merchant’s response. Provide our office with how you contacted the merchant, the dates/attempted dates of contact and if possible a copy of the communication”:
I sent you a DETAILED write up of our attempts to resolve. It included dates, and time of day in each instance and also their response! Why did you not read it thoroughly?

Enclosed is ANOTHER copy of my communications. Did you even notice where I pointed out that they even admitted to using a “dummy” number submitted to the Visa Charge center along with the fraudulent charge? They are crooks in my opinion. I wonder how many times they have used this same scam on others? And since when has the law changed that a person has to prove their innocence?

The “ball is in your court”. You can chose to believe their lies or you can decide in favor of a long time customer! There are other banks out there! This is ridiculous that this has drug out for so long! Please read every word of my documentation!

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