@askBBT – Kelly King – Please regard this message of high importance and urgency. This communication is a representation of

Sherika Joyce sent a message to Kelly King that said:

Please regard this message of high importance and urgency. This communication is a representation of Elliott and Sherika Joyce. We recently decided to open an account with your bank which was done online. A week after opening the account we went into your branch located at 5090 N. Us Highway 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572 to add my husband Elliott to the account and to see if we were able to get a debit card printed at the bank. We were informed that was not possible and one was on the way. No issues there we completed setting the account and made a cash withdrawal of $800 so that we could pay bills and have some access to our funds. Fast forward a week later once I receive my debit card I call to activate the card but was having trouble with the pin we went thru the drive thru and was advised we can come in branch to set the pin for the card. Once in branch Elliott went to a teller who directed him to see a non teller team member who could set up the pin for the card. Once with the member service Elliott was advised that they could not set up the pin. So Elliott request to make a withdraw and then close the account. The member service rep walked the withdraw request to the teller manager who then said she would not process the withdraw. There was no reason not to process the withdraw instead of honoring our request to withdraw our funds she closes our account and flags it fraud and calls the police because we are now at the point of why we can't get our money. the funds deposited into the account have been made legit thru my employer. Now we have no access to funds that we simply came to get access to so we can pay of bills and feed our family. I have young kids that your careless bank representatives have now made it impossible for me to access my hard earned money. This incident occurred on 01/14/2020 and everyone that we have called and pleaded with has done nothing but caused more issues and lies. We want full access to our funds that were in available status before this date and should continue to be made available. I have bills that are due from those funds that now are going to cause me more fees because of the malicious and careless acts your branch employees conducted. We want access made available to our funds immediately we have small children that we need o buy groceries for that we cannot now because of he neglect of your bank employees. I also want to make a formal complaint against the entire branch and reprehensible actions taken against the teller manager and the member service rep that illegally help my money from being withdrawn, calling the police and fraudenltly closing the account before giving me access to my funds that were already made available. If my request goes overlooked or responded to We will seek leagal council.

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