@askBBT – Kelly S King – Hi Mr. King. My son has an account with BBT. He is a senior in

Amanda Moorhead sent a message to Kelly S King that said:

Hi Mr. King. My son has an account with BBT. He is a senior in high school and is traveling this week competeing at a Business Professionals Conference in Dallas TX (we live in Fort Mill SC). I needed to deposit $ into his account and I did so using Square - which verified his account and attempted to deposit. BBT then LOCKED UP his account (according to your customer service rep) because we were trying to make a DEPOSIT - NOT A WITHDRAWAL. Your customer service told my son and my husband (who is listed on the account as well) - that nothing could be done to unlock his account until we visit a branch on Monday. Which is completely unaccepted. My teenage soon who should be having the experience of his life, is without the ability to use his debit card and there is nothing we can do about it. If this is your policies and how you treat customers, I am very disappointed in BBT. When we asked the rep if she had any suggestions on how we could get $ to our son so that he will have food and fun money until his return - she said she had no idea. I am reaching out for help with this. Surely someone in the BBT system can unlock his account, which should have never been frozen over a deposit attempt. Regards - Amanda Moorhead

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