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I am emailing in regards to an issue that occurred last week and yesterday.

Last Friday (5/18/18), I received a phone call from the fraud department saying a consumer by the name of Spy Fly was in attempt to hack into my account. The fraud department was very friendly, fixed my issue and walked me through the process of retrieving my new card. That is not the issue I am emailing about, but it leads up to my issue.

While the issue was ongoing, I was unable to check my account on my computer, iPad, BB&T app, or via phone call. There was an announcement that some technical difficulties had happened and would be back up shortly. Understandable. Finally, I was able to withdraw money from the ATM. Next day I needed cash again, went to ATM and with-drawled with no problems. No messages. No notifications. Still unable to log into my account.

Yesterday (5/22/18), I was able to log into my account and noticed I received a $216 overdraft notice. Still, the overdraft fee is still not my issue. (still mad about the fee however) I then proceeded to send an email to "My Banker" and explained my situation to her. I continued to ask her, "What can be done?" "Can you remove the fee seeing as how my paycheck will deposit at midnight on 5/23/18?" "What can you do for me?" I sent that email at 7:30 in the morning then waited all day for a response.

I understand communicating via email about a situation like this is somewhat difficult to explain. However, it is not difficult to be nice and personable. Both responses I received, after a long wait time, was not helpful what so ever. I am not 16 years old and do not need coached along telling me how I need to pay better attention to my account; Then proceeded to tell me, yet again, that there was nothing she can do, and we cut the email off at that.

I am not happy with this issue seeing how I am a BB&T Client for over 5 years now. Regardless of my time, or anyone's time at the bank for that matter, should not be treated poorly. Very poor client relations. I may have to go check out Huntington Bank. I hear they treat their clients with respect and are very flexible and helpful with problem solving.

So now I will ask you, What can you do for me?

If you have any other questions or need further clarification, simply email me back on this email, for as I am often busy and cannot take your call. Today I will be in and out of meetings with clients along with spotty cell reception. Rest assured that I will reply back to you as soon as I can with any information you may need.

Thank you for understanding.

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