@askBBT – Kelly S King – Mr. King, It is nice to put a face to our bank. We have been

Bill Baldwin sent a message to Kelly S King that said:

Mr. King,

It is nice to put a face to our bank. We have been with BB&T for a couple of years now and it has been an enjoyable experience. We have run into one snag, ever so small, that I was hoping you could help with.

We have joint accounts and when I log in can see both accounts and manage them just fine. The problem is we can not see the debit cards on both, just on the account that has me listed first. The one that has my wife listed first and me second only shows the checking side. Is there away to be able to manage both accounts fully from one screen? My wife does not want to log in and take charge of these items. Do we need to have her sign something? The accounts have both our names on them? She is not a computer person and does not like to do these things.

All we want to do is be able to manage the card that is attached to her checking. You have come up with these great card controls that let you setup limit and automatic notices which are great. We can control these items on the checking side of the account for both accounts with the automatic notices, would really like to control it for both cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read our email and keep up the good work. We like BB&T and hope to continue our relationship.

Jannie & Bill Baldwin

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