Att. Mr. Michael O\'Leary. 3 years ago I flew to Korfu with Ryan Air with – Michael OLeary email address

Anette Junget sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Att. Mr. Michael OLeary.
3 years ago I flew to Korfu with Ryan Air with my daughter and granddaughter.
We had been saving for this vacation for two years and looked very much forward. I paid for the return ticket as Well as the luggage dkr. 1200. We flew from Billund.
When going back from Korfu Airport, they claimed, that we had not paid for the luggage back to Billund. They could not find us on their list. A BIG MISTAKE.!! We HAD paid for our luggage back to Denmark !! They ordered me to pay another 3.200 DKr. otherwise we could not take our luggage ombord. .???? This is theft!!!
I am not wealthy, 65 years old and pensioned. I have flowers with Ryan Air to London a few times. No problems there.
I have never flown with Ryan Air after that bad experience. The personel at Korfu Airport STOLE dkr. 3.200 from me. My whole family and all our friends were chocked and we now fly with another Company.
I hope that you mr. OLeary might consider to help me having my confidence back with your Company and eventually Compensate with a free return ticket for three persons to Spain. Greece or anywhere Else or even better return the dkr. 3.200 to me, which your personel in Korfu Airport stole from me.
I look forward to your answer.
With the Best regards
Anette Junget
Mobile 0045 61141673

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