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I am 94 years old. Years ago, I laughed along with Lily Tomlin as she lampooned AT&T..."We don't care, we don't have to". It appears that nothing has changed!

My daughter has, for the past 10 days, been trying to help me upgrade my basic Direct TV act to a new package. In order to complete the order a passcode was requested. I have never gotten a passcode, none of the 4 digit passcodes that I would customarily use if I had a pass code have worked. When we requested a call back with a pass code, the call stated here is your passcode, but the line went blank for a moment, then I was instructed to use this passcode. My daughter and I both listened to the message twice thinking we had missed it, but we had not. We live on a small island in Washington state....you will appreciate that at my age, it is not easy to get off the island to the mainland to go to an AT&T store. My daughter did however (as she was instructed by one of the customer service "professionals"). The agent there was as helpful as she could be, but to no avail.

Today she tried one more time to get some customer service. She spent 2 hours on the phone with various individuals. Once again we could get nowhere! This time they told her they would need to call her on the phone associated with the acct.....the one from which she was calling. When she asked if she should hang up so that they could call, she was told no.....Catch 22. Their only solution was to have us call on a cell phone (our cell service is notoriously poor here) and that "no there was no direct line she could call so that she did not have to wait another 20 minutes."

I need help upgrading this account and have been very frustrated by this process. Help!

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