ATTENTION: CRITICALLY IMPORTANT CASE i was just told, after a 25 minute runaround – Roger W Ferguson Jr email address

michael sent a message to Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. – President and Chief Executive Officer of TIAA-CREF – Email Address that said:


i was just told, after a 25 minute runaround with stacy (not her fault) in customer service, that they cannot get the mailed form that I was promised would be mailed to me directly and expedited in 10 days from March 18. This rep explicitly told me that he would make a special effort in my case and promised me that, in my health-compromised situation, he could ask for mail service . I explained to him that I do not and cannot fill out online complicated forms on the computer.

So today I asked your customer service rep Stacy to tell her "boss" that the Maine Insurance Commission would be starting its investigation on my case on April 22 and the formal process would automatically start then and be handled by MIC and thus would go through them, not me, and could not be stopped after that.

The head of customer service said that he didn't care, that TIAA-CREF cannot possibly get that form to me until May 6. By then, it will be too late to stop the formal complaint. The MIC encouraged me to call you in order not to have to go through with this process in hopes that you would take the complaint seriously.

60 minutes has labeled your company as a fraudulent company, as you may well know. I am only adding this because it really scared me.

If you do not cut through this needless red tape, you must know that MIC will be strongly defending my provable case. If you hesitate beyond Monday--I will not be able to tell them to stop the case from going forward. Surely it can be overnighted US express mail and get here by Tuesday latest. I will wait until then to report to MIC.

You have the ability to listen to the recorded message of the conversation I had on March 18 with your rep. and you will clearly hear his promise that the form would get to me in 10 days--that would have been March 28 or so.

the crushing blow came on April 20, when I received a form that merely told me what my existing beneficiary and contingents have been for years. AND there was no way to use this form to change them--complete with mispelling of a name!!

This is the FIRST time that I have not been well-served by your company since 1996. I was proud to be part of a real professional company serving professionals. But suddenly you seem to have become a closed-in, hard-to-deal-with company, where profits come before all ordinary real service. you are out there trying to bring in all kinds of folks from whom you seem to need to be protected. It is a sad day for educators to be treated like dangerous, complaining, troublemakers.

Why not treat them like professionals too--they would flock to you.

Just a thought: If you have someone to monitor your emails over the weekend, it would be great to get them working on this problem before Monday.

Thanks for your attention to this long but important message.

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