ATTN:MARY BARRA Please forgive me for bothering you, I’m sure you’re very very busy! I am – Mary Barra email address

Joel  sent a message to Mary Barra CEO, General Motors Company – email address that said:

Please forgive me for bothering you, I'm sure you're very very busy!
I am a very frustrated GM customer!
I purchased a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS, I purchase this vehicle used in 2004 with only 25,000 miles on it,
I only have 72,000 original miles on this vehicle, unfortunately I have had nothing but major problems with this vehicle!
There has been multiple premature mechanical failures, that I cannot believe that this is General Motors quality!
I have only put 45,000 miles on this vehicle since I owned it!
Here is a partial list of the failures I have had!
Power steering line failure!
Transmission line failure!
Transmission failure!
Emission secondary air pump failure 3 times!
Gas tank level gauge failure!
Heating and air conditioner blower failure 3 times!
Alternator failure 3 times!
Throttle body multiple issues!
Four wheel drive high failure!
Shocks and struts failure!
Extreme rust issues undercarriage!
There have been other problems as well that I am not listed!
I have been a loyal GM customer my whole life I am 52 years old male!
I always take meticulous care of my vehicles!
Again I am sorry to bother you I am very frustrated!!
I just can't believe all of the issues that I have had with this vehicle,
I am aware that GM does not manufacturer vehicles the same way they did in 2005!
I'm sure there's nothing you can do for me!
But I thought I'd try to reach out to you!
My dream car is still a 2017 Corvette!
But that is subject to change As I do not think I will buy another American vehicle!
Thank you very much!
Best regards! JOEL
PS: the best car I have ever owned by far was my 1994 Cadillac Eldorado touring Coupe!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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