@autozone – William Rhodes – Dear Mr. Rhodes, Recently I had applied to your company. I had been accepted to

Sharon Silljer sent a message to William Rhodes that said:

Dear Mr. Rhodes,

Recently I had applied to your company. I had been accepted to work in your Bixby, Oklahoma store, under the manager Mike. I had filled out the application and went through the interview. Upon completion Mike said he wanted me to come work for the company. He said the company would do a background check on me then I could start work following the completion of my training. I accepted the position. Well, due to this pandemic the offer was withdrawn as a hiring freeze was placed on all stores I was told.
Mike just called me back and said they had opened it up for hiring again and was I still interested? I said, "yes."
Well the company was to send me a form to fill out and return to them. I got that and did so. They also said they would send me another form that I must fill out and sign.
Well the next form came from your background company. There was a link on the bottem to contact grant.bagwell@autozone.com
if there were any questions or problems.
So I did contact Grant Bagwell with concerns about the third party doing credit checks on employees, and not just a ordinary background check. He replied back they they do not do credit checks that it was just a formality in the letter to allow companies that would use or require one permission to do so.
I replied back to him that since they represent Autozone that the letter needed to be changed to actually be factually representing AutoZone. That what he was telling me was if they choose to do a credit check that they infact could do so because I just signed their incorrect form to allow that.
Mr. Rhodes yes I am a stickler for details. I spent 20+ years in real estate and was taught by the best to check the details.
I have done that, and I refuse to allow an employer access to my personal life. Credit checks are an invasion of privacy. They have nothing to do with a background check or the ability of me to do the job. I was very happy to have accepted the offer but a legal document allowing a 3rd party to pull a credit check crosses my line.
They are not representing your company properly.
Sharon Silljer

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