@autozone – William Rhodes – I have a 2014 F-150 Limited – 3.5L, V6 turbo charged with 116081 miles

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I have a 2014 F-150 Limited - 3.5L, V6 turbo charged with 116081 miles on it. I had the Timing set Part# 76269 AZ, timing cover gasket Part # TCS46182AZ, Intake manifold gasket MS19923AZ, water pump # US8916AZ, thermostat # 65590AZ, serpentine belt #4040371S AZ, ac belt 4060547AZ, thermostat gasket # 35934AZ, the cam gears were replaced and tensioners . The work was done by Foster Automotive in Monaca, PA on 03/01/2021 invoice #2418. I was traveling home from PA to Texas made it approx. 350 miles to Kentucky on 71 south going up hill motor died on 07/11/2021 had 118000 on motor. I thought for sure wasn't going to get off highway also caused several accidents . I finally got truck towed to Ford dealership {Marshall Ford} in Carrollton, Kentucky. I stayed overnight until next morning to give info to Dealership. I traveled home to Texas with my rental. This is where Auto Zone Great Worry Free Warranty comes into play. I contacted my mechanic that done the original work on truck who gave the # 1-800217-8946 costumer service Provantage network on 07/13/2021 talked to Lewis let him know what happen to truck. he needed the original invoice from my Mechanic was sent right to him He Mr. Lewis verified the Dealership I had my truck towed to was under their preferred dealerships to do the work. THE MAIN REASON I AM WRITING THIS IS PROVANTAGE NETWORK IS A WARRANTY AUTO ZONE OWNS THAT SUPPOSED TO COVER FAILURE IF REASON FOUND WHY VEHICLE BREAKS DOWN WILL COVER PARTS & LABOR. The Dealership torn down my engine found the timing chain that was replaced only 2,000 miles ago failed a part# 76269AZ that's covered under their warranty. When I finally got back in touch with MR Lewis at Provantage network after being treated VERY UNPROFFESIONAL by their staff never getting a Claim# I WAS CALLED ON 07/30/2021 by MR Lewis around 5:45 pm eastern time to let me know my claim was denied NEVER ONCE received email or letter stating why I was denied reimbursement for parts or labor. I have tried several times in email , Phone, also by Todd at dealership trying to contact them even sending them another breakdown of why it failed . Todd was told there isn't any MR Lewis that works there. I going to pick my truck up on 08/09/2021 & pay for repairs ONCE again . I WILL NEVER BUY A SINGLE ITEM FROM AUTO ZONE OR DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE THAT USES AUTO ZONE PARTS AGAIN!!!!!!

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