@autozone – William Rhodes – I have a question, I have heard this year that Target, Walmart, Best buy, Home

Renee Berryman sent a message to William Rhodes that said:

I have a question, I have heard this year that Target, Walmart, Best buy, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, Kohl's, Macy's, Bath and Body works, Bed Bath and beyond, Foot Locker and so many others will close on Thanksgiving as a Thank you to employees for working during this pandemic. However, AutoZone seems to be in amongst the few businesses to stay open. Why? Do you not care about your employees?
My husband has worked more than 50 hours a week since March to help first responders with what they need. But it's killing him. It's killing us. AutoZone doesn't seem to care about families at all. Please prove me wrong. But I see my husband working his tail off. His store is a high volume store, doing quite well and I'm sure it's because he gives attention to detail and cares about his customers as well as his employees. But it doesn't seem to be a compelling place to work, as there are no incentives to his hard work. He never complains. He is such a positive person, but I can see this is taking a toll on him. Why hasn't anyone acknowledged the employees at this time? Is it because you are so far removed from the business? Do you not care about all the hard work employees are putting in through this pandemic?
If you do then WHY are you open for Thanksgiving? Give us one day!!! Give my husbands employees ONE DAY!!! It's bad enough that we all have to work and be thankful we have a job through this pandemic, but it also means we are not spending any time together.
Be a hero and part of the healing. Instead of the villain and part of the problem.
Thank you in advance for hearing me out, but please do something about this. I really hope to hear from you.

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