@autozone – William Rhodes – I was at your Auto Zone 1129 E Main St. Lincolnton NC 28092 last night

Michelle Willis sent a message to William Rhodes that said:

I was at your Auto Zone 1129 E Main St. Lincolnton NC 28092 last night for 3 hours. The employees there are so rude and inconsiderate/uncompassionate of people. My key fob for my push start car was low, I was told I could go there and have a battery put in it. The guy (Gary) put a battery in it. I went out to try and get in my car and it would not do NOTHING. I tried and tried and went back inside and ask for my original battery back thinking it would work, since it was working when I got there, well the guy huffed at me when I explained I wanted my old battery back and needed a refund since these batteries would not work. I went back out to my car and sat on the curb (my cell phone was going dead and eventually died on me) A nice black man that one of the other employees (Jacob) was helping with a battery came over to see if he could help me. (Jacob) was inside when all the battery situation was going on and was hearing everything and would turn his head at me as if he didn't want to be bothered by it but wanted to hear what was going on. The nice black man offered his assistance and tried to help me with no luck. He offered to let me use his cell since mine died, he offered to let me use his AAA. Stated if it was his wife he would want someone to help her. Meanwhile (Jacob) finished with this mans battery and the black man looks at Jacob and says is there anything you can do for this lady and Jacobs response was a quick NOPE and walks in the door. I was floored and the inconsiderate/uncompassionate response from the employees at AUTO ZONE. They are the face of your company and whether they could have done anything to help me or not the fact that they were so heartless speaks so much!!!!! There are plenty of other auto stores and I will choose another one in the future. My husband has worked in law enforcement for 28 years and a lot of that time here in Lincolnton and he never gets upset but knowing his wife was stranded and he was all the way out of town and couldn't help me and to think that I am right there at a auto zone place and no one is willing to help. I finally got someone to come help me and my daughter showed up and went inside to buy a water while we waited and she over heard a conversation between yet another employee (Kenny) and another client and she said he was not very nice to him. I don't know about you, but I work in customer service and this is by far once of the worse situations I have encountered. I am so disappointed in this behavior of your employees you have working at the Lincolnton Location. I hope and pray that their family member never encounters the experience that I encountered and that they are not left stranded with people around that don't even care.

Just wanted to let you know. My husband did call back to speak with a mgr. (not sure of the name) and got a district mgrs. name and number and he will be calling him as well but I wanted you to know what is going on in your stores.

Michelle Willis

PS if you care and want to call me, I can be reached at 704-473-7665
Michelle Willis
6113 Doral Ln
Vale, NC 28168

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