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Mr Rhodes,

My email is quite long but I need you to know about my experience.

I am a long time customer of Autozone. I own a car hauling business in the NY city area. I have been purchasing all types of products from Autozone for a long time. I am writting to you because one a extremely disappointing experience I had at Autozone 4725 located at 2008 Boston Road, Bronx NY.
I arrived at the store around 12 noon to return a jump starter that I had purchased a few days earlier. The jump box would not hold charge. so I needed to return it.
When I approached the counter, I informed the clerk that I needed to return the item. She asked another clerk if the store was "accepting" returns at that moment. The second clerk said no because the manager was not at the store at that moment.
So, the first clerk said to me the following: "You will have to come back tomorrow". I politely replied: wait a second. I am here now I purchased this item that does not work a few days ago. I can not "come back tomorrow". I am here now and I need someone to help me with this because I am here now. She repeated once again that I would have to come back tomorrow. I said: Well, If you are not able to process the return, I need you to please call someone at Autozone to authorize the transaction because no customer should be told to come back at a later date to return an item. She ignored me, walked away when I asked her name and she went to the back of the store to get away from me. I simply could not believe this because I had been to this very store many times because. I was not able to get her name. she is a new hire at this store. A young woman. I wish I had her name in order to provide it to you in this email but I dont.

After she went to the back of the store I left the store. Went to my car and started to search for ways to contact autozone via phone. I called the headquarters but I have to tell you, the phone system in place is terrible. You have to speak to an automated system that does not work well and keeps you going in circles. This system really needs to be changed to a more friendly and efficient system . After many attemps I ended up getting the phone number for a district office, located in CT. I called the number but they were closed for lunch time, from 12 noon to 1 pm. MY only option was to wait until 1 pm. Around 1; 15 pm I was able to speak with someone who called a local manager, who then called me. I informed me of my ordeal, he called the store and instructed someone to accept the jump starter return.
I believe that his name is Miguel Dias. He came thru and helped a customer when help was needed.

My experience was simply a terrible one who I dont wish on anyone. You as a CEO needs to know how customers are being treated out there. I hope you will read this email and instruct your regional managers to screen job applicants who truly want work, not just a pay check.


Anderson Araujo

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