@Avoninsider – Sherilyn S McCoy – I have tried to work with Avon.com, and had a horrible experience this morning

Karey Paulos sent a message to Sherilyn S McCoy that said:

I have tried to work with Avon.com, and had a horrible experience this morning wit your customer service team. I had missing items from a shipment. THEY said Repeatedly that the order was showing shipped on their end. I am not lying and do not make a habit of calling companies for items I have already received. They are supposedly after over 30 minutes on the phone with them reshipping the products, but could not provide me with a tracking number or a new order#. My first tracking number never arrived in my inbox, junk mail. etc., and I had to chase that order around with customer service and convince them that I did not have it. The group you have in Customer Service for Avon.com seems to pat themselves on the back and leave the customer hanging. I used to love Avon, bought through a sales rep, and now had to try online since I no longer had a sales rep. I don't typically take things this far, but I am not going to call a place about missing items and feel accused of theft. That is unacceptable, and I can't take photos of things I did not receive. I have never been so disappointed in a company before. I am going on vacation and asked to have these missing items expedited. Cant be done. I asked for tracking, can't be done, I asked for an order#, can't be done. I should just take their word for it until they can call me or e-mail me. I hope as the CEO, you can see how one would consider this to be customer disservice, and fix the errors in your company.

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