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Ben Wilkinson sent a message to Jerry DeMuro that said:

Mr Woodman.
I’m Ben Wilkinson a long since retired British Aerospace Avionic Instrumentation Systems Consultant
In my spare time I have become an AMATURE I must tress the “ AMATURE”; Theoretical Physicist.
It would give me great pleasure to think my old company was instrumental in getting our country back to normal, and that is entirely possible if I can persuade you to download :- United States Patent US 5,188,738 Date of Patent: Feb. 23, 1993 then take the time to look at a YouTube Video

Let me explain:-
Some six years ago I was doing research into Alternate Treatments for Cancer and during that research was introduced to the work of a Dr Jarrah.
Dr. Jarrah Al-Tubaikh, was and still is a Radiology specialist in a Kuwait Hospital.
On 1/May/2020 I contacted him, in the belief I may have been able to inform him of US patent 5,188,738 and the Bob Beck protocol for the electrification of Blood as a means of overcoming the Corona Virus, if it was in Kuwait.
My e-mail to him contained attachments (all of which you can see at a later date if you wish), Plus https://youtu.be/qVWUZ2Cw0DE my video “End to Corona and all Viral diseases” The video is an attempt to show that so far, my attempts to bring this information out for public perusal has been a “push water up hill with a fork” exercise,
If you use the title, in the you tube search engine you will be inundated with video's about the Corona Virus but if you use the link you should get it direct it's up to you who you share this with; it is on my face book page
Here is the content of my mail to him and the reply:-

Defeat Corona Virus
Inbox x

Ben Wilkinson
May 1, 2020, 12:36 PM (1 day ago)

to jaltubaikh, me

Dear DrJarrah
I'm Ben Wilkinson, we are both friends of Steve Carter from “Resonant Light”

one of the attachments is for you. the remainder support the fact I have tried many times to bring this information to the public


May 1, 2020, 2:04 PM (1 day ago)

to me

Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
Thanks for your email. I have used Bob Beck's blood electrifier since 2015; when I first encounter it during my research of Energy Medicine devices.
I owned it before I even owned Resonant Light Rife machine.

I passed your email and the YouTube video to my group of private doctors, in Kuwait, the Gulf, and in the United States.
Thanks you for taking the time putting this email together.

With kind regards,

I hope this proof that the Beck Protocol is in use right now; will cause you to act upon the information, the information can be verified by contacting Dr Jarrah. Jarrah's e-mail address is jaltubaikh@gmail.com
I have a mobile number but I am not sure it is still current.
Mobile number is: +965-99502348
It was good Feb.12/2014
Don’t forget Dr. Jarrah Al-Tubaikh, is still today a Radiology specialist in a Kuwaiti Hospital.
I’m on 01704 Southport 509 683
I prey that this time you, or one of your staff will be calling me.
I have also passed this information on to Brian Strutton BALPA general secretary, who has not even acknowledged my e-mail.
I have tried for so long to get anyone to look at this information that I have become quite paranoid so would you please let me know you have received this e-mail even if you choose not to act upon it
Ben (Retired but not Expired) Wilkinson.
V.E. day 8/5/2020 Or better still Victory over Corona Day 2020

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