BBT I am angry. September 13, 2017 Wednesday 5:PM FAX (336) 725-2278 I am – Kelly S King email address

Gary Dunn sent a message to Kelly S. King - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation - Email Address that said:

BBT I am angry. September 13, 2017 Wednesday 5:PM FAX (336) 725-2278

I am angry that for the last few days I have been ignored and dished by your bank officers as they act like drones and worse automatons. Stating that I agreed and read and signed a full page of fine print and a $36.00 fee to withdraw $100. Nobody in there right mind would agree to that. In addition they continued to add on additional fees until the fees amounted to over $400. Your Matthews {John St officer} told me that the screen states that a click is equal to a reading and signing the: opt in and opt out contract. I consider that “Fraud” maybe you just consider it policy. I would like some resolve. I have done business with your bank off and on for 30 years and have never been abused to such a degree. Today I spent 3 hours on the phone listening to drone talk….
Shelly Phifer 704 954 2243
Michael -
Ozzie - BBT site manager North Carolina

Tenacity is one on my strengths, if you would like to escalate this to a major conflict, I can start publishing my notes to the press and sending them out to the 15,000 daily report followers. Then maybe we can continue to escalate this to criminal court. Yes, if it has happened to me than I can only guess that other people with less persistence have experienced the same. And press for a class action law suit. Your bank has made me very angry, and my bite is certainly worse than my bark.

The reasonable thing at this point that I am asking for is that the fines and fees be removed and we/you adjust the account balance to the | absolute value| of the money in the account. And that you make a concerted effort to change your ATM policy so that those using the ATM know that a $36 dollar fee will be accessed or that they have a “No reply-transaction terminated, please contact your local branch clerk” / “You have insufficient funds to make this withdraw please contact your branch which can only modify the fee in or out option.” NOT on an ATM machine that does not explain the fees. And refers to a contract that was signed previously.

For your reference my name is Gary M. Dunn
SS: 241-90-5370
B: 3/4/54
Code is my birth date 1954
And my billing address is: 1318 Lynbrook Drive, Charlotte NC 28211 (704) 708-8855

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