@bedbathbeyond – Steven H Temares – Good morning, my husband and I was in your store located on: 9145 W Stockton

Vera Harvey Seals sent a message to Steven H Temares that said:

Good morning, my husband and I was in your store located on:
9145 W Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove CA 95758 to pick up an item we had placed on hold 6/19/18.
Before we purchased our item we were browsing the isle. I stopped at a fixture in the middle of the home goods area ands asked your clerk Ashlyn if the package of place mats were individually priced? She stated they were and the area I was in was like the back stock items. She said if there was something I wanted from that fixture I could take it but not without paying for it. I was shocked and became irritated at her statement. I told her she had no business making that statement to me. I would never take anything without paying. She said some people do take things without paying. I told her I am not that kind of person and she should never say such things to anyone no matter what she thought.
I do not appreciate being treated and spoken to like that.
I have to answer to God for my actions and I would never be petty enough to steal from anyone. I have worked my entire life serving others.
How I was spoken to today will be shared with family and friends. Maybe your staff should go through sensitivity training like Starbucks staff. The biggest problem with training staff is you cannot change their racist views of others.
I managed 2 retail stores, I was a Senior Teller at Banks and Credit Unions, supervised staff with the State of California before retiring. I have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. I do not ever want to shop in your establishment again. The money I earn/earned is as good as anyone else.

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