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I just wanted to make you aware of a product that was purchased from your store.....it is the Accuweight Digital Glass Bathroom Scale (SKU: 45426926). You no longer have this product available but I think you should know about it. We purchased this on 04/20/2018and it always worked fine until today when the glass just shattered while we were in a totally different room, no where near the scale. We did some research and found that this is inherent in this product. We called your Southlake Texas store and the "temporary manager" (Elila) was no help. We wanted to get reimbursed for this dangerous product and purchas a different brand. We were told that we were beyond the store warranty timeframe and she could do nothing for us. When we asked to speak to her "manager", we were told that Doug Barr was not in until tomorrow. We asked Elila when he would be in and she said she did not know and that she could not view the schedule - I find it hard to believe that one manager doesn't know when another manager of the same store is scheduled to be in - you might need some work there. Needless to say, we are hoping that you could assist in getting us a new scale, different brand, and return our money spent on this one. Heaven forbid, if someone would have been seriously injured because of a product that came from your shelf, you would be getting more than just an email message. Please let me know if you can help us resolve this issue. Thank you

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