Below is the email I sent your customer service today. Ok – here the – James McCann email address

Tim sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:

Below is the email I sent your customer service today.

Ok - here’s the deal:

1. The 12 roses were guaranteed to be delivered yesterday 10/20 – they weren’t. Even though I got an email confirmation saying they were.
2. I spent about two hours on the phone yesterday calling and trying to call – make this happen
3. I was told yesterday that my wife would get the flowers this morning – she didn’t and now she has to leave the office.

So essentially anniversary ruined. Why was this so difficult – why could nobody take care of this.

Why don’t you use this testimonial in one of your ads?

Check the phone records ….. see how many times I had to call in and all the promises made to fix it. Ridiculous.

I guess they are giving me a full refund now. Duh. My wife didn’t get the flowers of course you’re going to give me my money back – I didn’t get the product I paid for.

So I went through all that hassle yesterday and this morning, my wife didn’t get the flowers……and you give me a refund and we’ll act like this never happened. Ok – got it. Great doing business with you.

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