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Attention Executive management.

let me tell you about my experience.

I ordered a beautiful Tv, sound system, and Canon telephoto lens.

Eric the salesperson was very informative.

Here is where it gets interesting.

We set up a delivery for June 4th since Best Buy does not normally
Allow old Tv’s to be returned at store level.

Two hours later I received a email informing me that my delivery
would have to be rescheduled. No biggy I was thinking. When
I went online the next available delivery date was August.

Thinking that was a glitch in the system I decided to call your
toll free number as our local store had already closed for the day.

The person on the phone assured me my delivery was still
scheduled for June the 4th. Low and behold not ten minutes
later I received an automated call informing me to expect my
delivery June 3 between 12-8 pm.

June Third around 2 o’clock I called the store directly and spoke
to your manager Fred. Fred informed me since the Lens was not in-stock
your system kicked out the entire order. I find this ridiculous.

Unlike other businesses I have dealings with, their policy is ship
available items that are in stock and the rest as soon as tray arrives.

Placing two orders would also not have been advisable due to
the promotion of a new card holder cash back rewards.

After a lets say interesting conversation, Fred who was very
helpful on both days received permission for me to pick up
our new television and more importantly drop off our old one.

Again hats off to Eric and Fred. I just feel either an updated
system or the knowledge to write up two sales tickets when
an item is not in stock, while not effecting any promotions.

Also a better coordination between different departments at Best Buy.

further more originally I sent an email to corporate and a phone call to a Best Buy advocate.
Never heard any feed back.

More upsetting now is I found out if I had purchased the tv directly from Samsung for the same price I would of received a 200$ rebate
This was a very frustrating experience for me.

Thanks for listening
EDwin A. Filippelli

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