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Shannan Legair sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Ave S.
Richfield, MN 55423 June 08, 2020

To Ms. Corie Barry,

I am writing you to inform you that I have been discriminated against in your store by Levi the “Manager” at Reynoldsburg Ohio Store today around 2pm. I asked for some ink to be exchanged or refunded and he said he was not refunding it due to it was open, well I had not used it because it did not fit my printer. I asked for a credit and he refused to do anything, and he gave it back to me. I had my receipt and would have accepted a credit for anything in the store. Well he got up and of course told me he was not giving me anything.
He then says that the manager of geek squad was there and I said I don’t have computer problems and that I needed a manager over him, he said he was the highest one and then I asked for him to call corporate and he said no and to leave the store. I was only asking for assistance and I was trying to climb the chain of command but he refused to have anyone other than the geek squad manager come out to intimidate me and of course neither one of them would help me.
He refused all my request then he said to someone to call the police. I asked him if he was trying to get me shot, He just looked at me and acted as if that was ok with what is going on in the WORLD. He said he asked me to leave the premise and I was not being violent , I was not destroying anything, I was just talking while being black and if that is a crime then take me to jail.
Instead of just making this right he wants to call police. This is why we are fighting for equality because of people like Levi, who insist on being a racist and being likely to call the police for no reason. He was sitting down when I was asking him about the credit, and he stood up and came closer to me to intimidate me, which this is just what we are fighting for.
If I was a white women, which I am a mixture of black and white, he would have done a credit or return just to make the women happy and asked her to come back, and that would have been it.
To have him call the police instead of finding a resolution that right there is racism at its best. When is this good customer service? I have bought appliances here, TV’s here my computers here and a my all in one computer this is how I am treated, this is uncalled for and I feel that he discriminated against me and my rights with freedom of speech.
Also you have a sign that says wear your mask, well two white women was led in the store without putting their mask on when in the store and came out without a mask on, they had mask in their hand but Levi never mentioned a word to them but if that was two black ladies we would have had the cops called on us. the Corona virus still very real and out here but you allowed two white women to go about in the store not protecting themselves. What kind of customer service ordeal are you running? I will also send this to the better business bureau, and six on your side if I do not get a response. I am outraged at the treatment I received in your establishment and I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years. . I believe that you should screen your employees before letting them discriminate a long time customer and possible loosing so much more business than just mine.


Shannan Legair
Homecare of Compassion LLC
Director of Client Services

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