@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Dear Corie Barry; CEO Best Buy Co. Inc.: Since my account is almost paid

Paul Hohman sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Dear Corie Barry; CEO Best Buy Co. Inc.:
Since my account is almost paid off, I decided it is time to contact you about a situation which has been bothering me for several years.
I have come to realize that my rights had been violated by one of your company employees and that in my good nature I did not pursue this matter at the time.
Back when my card was suspended (I do not recall the date several years past) it was shortly after a call I made to try to bring my account current. It was also a time when we were experiencing some cash flow difficulties due to job changes, etc.
I had called in trying to separate a large payment due into two smaller payments about 2 weeks apart due to when my paychecks were due.
The associate I spoke with did not have an excellent command of English and was apparently not understanding what I was trying to relay, nor could I understand what he was responding with other than the whole amount being due immediately.
I repeatedly asked to speak with an American English speaking agent (my right under the law as it conversely applies when it comes to languages) and he repeatedly tried to handle it himself until I DEMANDED to be switched over; at which point he disconnected and the next thing I knew I was receiving a cancellation of my card with your company (which I enjoy doing business with and seeking help from on tech issues.
This cancellation; of course; adversely affected my credit score and made other transactions more difficult.
Because I did NOT seek suite on this issue and continued to pay off my card; I would like to request reinstatement of my card and removal of the negative credit reporting. I have NOT ceased shopping at Best Buy or dealing with the in store associates and would like to resume "business as usual" with your company.
Instead of several payments; I would pay off my current balance in full for a "fresh" start".
Anything YOU can do to facilitate this would be greatly appreciated and allow me to honestly recommend your company to friends and associates, as well as to target your store for future purchases rather than others.
I am sorry that your associate's disregard for my communication created this incident; but am hopeful it can be readily remedied.
Thanks for considering this matter,
Paul E. Hohman

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