@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Dear Mr. Joly, I have no reason to believe that you will actually receive this

John Rice sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Dear Mr. Joly,
I have no reason to believe that you will actually receive this message, much less receive a response. However, after an extremely unsettling visit to the Best Buy store located on Bowman Road in Little Rock AR, I am overwhelmingly compelled to at least make an attempt.
Less than one hour ago, I was at the above mentioned location with full intention of purchasing a new 65” Samsung television. I was directly in the middle of a conversation with one of your associates when another customer walked up and rudely proceeded to ask your associate questions. I was nothing less than appalled at the blatant lack of common courtesy on the part of the customer. What made matters even significantly worse, was your associate for all intents and purposes threw me to the curb and began helping the other customer.
I am more than certain that you would agree with me that the proper and professional course of action would have been for your associate to have responded to this other customer “ I am sorry but I am with this client. I can get someone to help you or I will be glad to help assist when I am finished here”. Instead he just tossed me aside.
I have been in retail sales the majority of my life and while I understand the actions of some consumers can be at times unfavorable, I certainly did not expect to treated with such disregard by one of your employees. Under normal circumstances I am a patient and slow to anger type of person but after this experience, regretfully Best Buy not only lost a sale, but also a very long time customer.

John Rice

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