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Dear Ms. Barry:
It is unfortunate that my first experience with Best Buy was during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the lack of staff during this time caused my experience to be unfavorable.
While searching for an LG 28" TV, I discovered that Best Buy offered the best price. Who wouldn't want to save money? But, I couldn't get it delivered to the store in my town of York, PA until Friday 06/25. That wasn't acceptable. But, I noticed that in your Mechanicsburg, PA store 37 miles from my home there was an open box product. I called the store and a team member named Adam told me that the opened box model had everything included, except the manual. And based on the price offered that was how your website described OPEN BOX EXCELLENT, which was the price of this TV. So, I paid for the TV online and drove the distance 74 miles round trip. Several days later when I went to install my new TV I discovered NONE OF THE ACCESSORIES were included - only the TV. I called the store, spoke with Chris and he told me the legs/stand weren't available for purchase but he could order the remote, He offered a new TV for the same price I already paid for the open box model, but of course, we're back at the 06/25 or 06/26 date for delivery. It sounds like a nice offer- but I spent time and money to run 74 miles for nothing. I later spoke to store manager Shawn and he seemed to be rather indifferent to this bad customer service. Here is an opportunity for better training of team members and more caring management. I worked as a manager for a global retail company and I know that I trained my associates to go the extra mile. So someone should have verified what was in the open box before allowing a customer to drive 74 miles to be disappointed. I had intended to return the product and NEVER deal with Best Buy again. But, I discovered that there was an open box product in the Bel Air, MD store which is 35 miles in the opposite direction from my home. But, I called there and spoke with a team member named Mike. He was most helpful. When I asked what was included in the open box model - he willingly and graciously put me on hold to verify. To my surprise, EVERYTHING was there including the manual. So I drove the 70 miles round trip and got there 10 minutes before they closed - but the TV was ready and waiting. WOW!!! That's customer service and excellent management to train such competent and caring sales associates. Though the actions of the Bel Air Store were very pleasant, having to drive a total of 145 miles, between both stores, to get the TV I paid for has left a "bad taste" in my mouth. It also cost your company money as I DIDN'T pay for your Geek Squad protection on the TV from MD. I didn't feel Best Buy deserved any more of my money since I spent a lot of time and gas money to get the product as it was advertised. (OPEN BOX - EXCELLENT) Sorry I have to say this it will be a LONG TIME, if ever, before I shop with Best Buy. Thought as the president, you should know about my dissatisfaction. Sincerely, Bryan T. Mundy

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